Irvine Sellar
Commercial Offices

The Shard

Employed as the Electrical contractor CHS provided a full turn key service to the projects main contractor MACE on the now the tallest building in Western Europe at 1016 ft in the London skyline.

CHS and MACE recognised that involvement in design was essential to the success of the safe and timely delivery of the project.

Pre-fabrication was essential with dealing with the challenge of installing containment, wiring and bus-bar over 95 floors, each floor having several electrical risers, substations on two floors and many plant room floors, some of which were in the basements.

Installing rising containment to ‘The Spire’, a steel structure which sits on the top of the main building open to all of the elements above the streets below, typified the challenges CHS were face with. The resolution was to construct several steel pod’s, which would be fitted out with all containment systems each one would be craned into position and sit one on top of the other. Built off site in a controlled factory environment;  this solution removed the risk of materials being dropped down the floors to the public below and reducing the time spent by CHS on the work face, it was not unusual for the winds to reach 70mph.

CHS are proud of their association with MACE and this project and are able to boast that they employ the electricians that work the heights in Western Europe.